Jueputa enfermedad

Weird times. I follow most Venezuelan blogs and most are talking politics and the ‘post Chavez era’ like the man already passed away. Talking about the future and not talking about whats going on right now.

I was informed by dutch media that the recovery of Chavez does not go that well. I thought he was doing better than he actually does. Cancer is, in my opinion, one of the worst diseases out there. It is slow but deadly. It is though, not only on the patient but also on the family. 

The weird thing is that most blogs are not writing about this. He is the man who has a lot of support in his country and that is something that a lot of journalists just don’t want to see. They portrait him as an evil dictator who is throwing people from planes. They disregard the human tragedy which comes with this disease and think that is just wrong. Chavez and his family are going through hell right now.

Maybe it is time for some of you to show the man some sympathy, even if you do not agree with what he is doing or saying. 


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